College Football Championship 2018

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College Football Championship 2018 Live streamred

Is the SEC once again the best conference in college football? That’s a debate that will rage on, but there’s no denying it produced the two best teams in the country for the 2017-18 season. There’s nothing like a big, glittering reminder of a season that ended exactly the way you wanted.

But coaches will tell anyone within shouting distance that championships are a product not just of great players and assistants, but student managers, video guys and academic advisers. It’s a championship operation from top to bottom, right down to the janitor who cleans the football building each night.

That matchup led to the creation of the College Football Playoff starting in the 2014 season. The SEC was a driving force behind the playoff because it believed it was such a strong league that it had a good shot annually of getting two teams into the national semifinals.